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Fruits + Veggies + Superfoods


We blend WHOLE fruits, veggies, and superfoods that are brimming with good-for-gut fiber and nutrients. Each pop is a tasty way to nourish your body. Easy to enjoy anywhere ... just freeze then squeeze!

We believe food should make you feel good

....good about the impact it has on your body and good about the impact it has on the world around you. We reHarvest + rePurpose delicious (but unnecessarily wasted) fruits and veggies to minimize food waste for a happier planet & healthier you ...

Truly Smoothies That Do Good.™

I never know what to eat before a workout because I want energy, but don't want to get cramps. This was the PERFECT pre-workout snack. It gave me energy to fuel my run but didn't weigh me down. - Sabrina -
Thrive Market Customer

We love these before our afternoon or evening workouts when we need a light snack but don't want something heavy. They are sweet but not sugary which is so refreshing! Clean ingredients. - Shanon -
Thrive Market Customer

Friends and family have been recommending and I'm so glad I finally added reBLEND to my cart. These will continue to be a freezer staple from here on out! - Julie -
Amazon Customer

Your perfect snack hack

I'm so excited to share my labor of love with you: Superfood Smoothie Pops! They’ve been a game changer for how I started to squeeze more fruits and veggies into my day and I hope they make a SMALL BUT MIGHTY impact on your day!

- Kathryn Bernell, CEO + Founder